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We partner with leading organizations that value delivering outstanding customer experiences through innovative digital solutions.

Referral Partners

Our referral partnerships are designed to benefit you and your customers with our expertise and experience in developing personalized and results-driven digital solutions. With our knowledge in product design and software development, we can work with your clients to build a solution that best fits the needs of their business and their customers.

Technology Partners

We work with Technology Partners to build intentional, customer-centric, and data-backed solutions that drive business results.

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Backbase empowers financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation and effectively compete in a digital-first world. Backbase’s omni-channel digital banking platform unifies functionality from traditional core systems and new FinTech capabilities into a seamless digital customer experience, drastically improving any customer channel.

Aequilibrium and Backbase have a strategic alliance to transform digital banking solutions with seamless user experiences. Combining Aequilibrium’s expertise in software development and Backbase’s experience in creating a leading omni-channel digital banking platform, this partnership is set to accelerate the delivery and go-to-market strategy for financial institutions and their digital banking solutions.

Learn more about Backbase and how they put customer experience at the core of everything they do.

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Kill Bill is a leading open-source subscription billing and payments platform that helps merchants process recurring and one-off payments.

Aequilibrium and Kill Bill work together to use Kill Bill’s Open Source Subscription Billing & Payment Platform to develop customized payment solutions for customers. Using Kill Bill, Aequilibrium can quickly craft, code, and execute tailor-made billing platforms. Aequilibrium specializes in the integration, implementation, and configuration of the Kill Bill platform, as well as developing custom plug-in solutions and enhancing the functionality of existing Kill Bill plug-ins.

Learn more about our strategic partnership with Kill Bill.

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