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Build powerful chatbot experiences, faster.

Flow Designer is a powerful drag-and-drop chatbot builder that allows you to create seamless onboarding experiences without a line of code.

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Imagine the

Open a new bank account, get a home insurance quote, apply for a business line of credit—whatever your customers want, build it with ease and speed.

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Get to know your customers with a
simple conversation.

Flow Designer is for companies who are looking to easily and efficiently create conversational onboarding experiences for any scenario. The best part? You can build, test, and deploy it in real-time.

  • Engage with conversational experiences
  • Reduce churn and attract new customers
  • Increase product operational efficiency
  • Anticipate your customers' future needs and accelerate go-to-market with new products.

    Forward-thinking financial institutions have started investing in digital financial technology. Show your customers that you’re proactive and committed to giving them the best products that are comprehensive, seamless, and secure.

    How does it work? It’s simple, really.

    We took the complexities away from creating conversational interfaces. By building Flow Designer on a powerful engine that does the work for you, get the project done faster and have more time for other business growth projects.


    Create a conversation.

    Create each dialogue component to build the questions your bot will ask and select how your customers will answer. Through the intuitive and flexible Module Creator, add icons, images, and select various outputs to handle every question just the way you want.


    Connect your conversation.

    You’ve built your conversation modules, now it’s time to connect them and create your onboarding experiences. Simply drag and drop your modules onto the canvas to connect them. Arrange them in any way and order, create variables, comment, share, and collaborate with your team.


    See your conversation.

    Open your project in the Flow Emulator, test it on various device resolutions, conduct user tests, and share and collaborate with your team to collect feedback to make informed, data-driven changes to your onboarding project.

    Built with everything you need to succeed.


      Customizable responses built right in.

      Date Picker


      Text & Image Button

      Jumbo Card

      Text & Image

      Quick Action


      Multi Select



      We took the guess work out so you can focus on creating meaningful conversational experiences that are natural, intuitive, humanizing, and easy to build. Create a question and select how you want your customer to respond. It’s that simple.


      Drag, drop, and connect.

      Drop your conversational instances into the Flow Designer Canvas and start connecting each dialogue to the next. Create linear and non-linear instances, build multivertive A/B testing scenarios, and deploy them in real time. Get instant updates that reduce conversion loss and increase retention rates.


      Build it, see it, test it, deploy it.

      See your conversational experiences in real time, on multiple devices as you build. Check cross-platform compatibility, resolution sizes, and user testing scenarios to push changes fast. Spend less time managing multiple code bases and more time creating onboarding experiences that convert.

    Enable seamless experiences
    across every customer touchpoint
    and demographic.

    Give customers access to their preferred way of communicating with your financial institution. This encourages them to access your financial services more easily and frequently and translates into higher engagement and loyalty. Everybody wins.

    It’s all about the data.

    Learn where, when, and what type of users are engaging with your products and services to personalize cross-selling and better understand customer behavior patterns.

    Get better data.

    By engaging customers through conversational interfaces, financial institutions can learn more about their customers’ intentions and needs that aren’t available through apps and website interactions.

    Build lifelong customers.

    It all comes back to the customer experience. Every touchpoint and insight can be optimized for more conversions and used to build the personalized financial products and services your customers will love and keep coming back for.


    Ready for the future?

    Schedule a demo today and let us show you the future of conversational experiences.